The end of church membership lists in Excel

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Are you still using Excel sheets to add and delete members and control your membership list?
One of the biggest challenges for pastors, church leaders, and church administrators is to keep the membership list up to date. For this, many people use Excel spreadsheets, registration boards and sometimes even Word files. Many can think these tools are very useful but they have many downsides and limitations.


When a church has many members, updating registration in spreadsheets, besides being a slow process, does not offer enough security, because any problem in the place where the spreadsheets are stored can result in the loss of historical data. Also, through spreadsheets, one is not enable a quick way to search and update the data of each member, turning this process into a very inefficient process.

In addition to the problem of security and efficiency at the time of registration and location of members, the use of spreadsheets makes the process of sharing information, measuring church growth and communicating with visitors and members much more complex.

Our solution

ChurchTools was created to solve this and many other problems that pastors and church leaders face every day. This online solution is developed by a team that lives and understands the challenges in the everyday life when managing a church.

Now you can easily register people and give them different statuses such as visitors, members and etc., also linking families together and adding people into different groups (small groups, service groups, activity groups) giving them proper permissions based on what is their role in each group.

Other follow-up features and map views are also offered to support your work. This way you are granted to have a clear vision in terms of growth and organization. On top of all that, ChurchTools is GDPR compliant and you can test it for free for 30 days and experience how it improves church organization.

Allow your church to experience the all-in-one solution to connect people on the go now and join over 1.000 other churches using ChurchTools!

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