v3.98: More efficient administration and reliable e-mail delivery

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Spring has us in its grip and while the weather never tires of surprising us, we do not tire to improve ChurchTools. Version 3.98 brings improvements in the administration of people: Among other things, we have made the ” Further Actions” more efficient and also added a useful addition to the person filters.

Additionally, with this release comes the change already announced via e-mail that the e-mail address from which messages are sent from your ChurchTools is fixed if you use the ChurchTools e-mail server for this purpose.

” Further actions ” improved for Persons

In ChurchTools v3.98, we have added more improvements to ChurchTools to perform actions related to personal data more efficiently and consistently. We have also revised the presentation of actions for better clarity and ease of use.

In particular, the “Change group role” action has been adjusted and is now called “Change group role and status”. This makes it clearer that this action can be used to change not only the role, but also the status of a person in a group. In addition, we have added a few new actions:

  • Change family status
  • Change nationality
  • Change the gender

These changes will allow for more comprehensive and precise edits to personal data. They make it easier for you to manage people in ChurchTools and provide you with improved flexibility in customizing relevant information.

Better filter person fields

From now on you can filter in ChurchTools based on whether certain person fields are filled or empty. This allows you to search specifically for people who, for example, have not yet entered their telephone number, address or other important information. This is a quick and easy way to ensure that all relevant data has been entered into ChurchTools and that no information is missing. This change makes it easier for you to manage and organize people in ChurchTools and helps ensure data consistency and integrity.

Change: sender address for ChurchTools e-mail server

From now on, when using the ChurchTools e-mail server, you will only be able to use the “noreply@churchtools.de” sender address. We implemented this change to improve reliability in e-mail delivery. Using a consistent sender address ensures that e-mails from ChurchTools are delivered properly and are not misclassified as spam or unsolicited messages. This increases the likelihood that important information and notifications will successfully reach recipients. Standardization of the sending address is an important measure to make communication through the ChurchTools e-mail server more efficient and reliable.

Further changes

The LimeSurvey integration can now also be used when using an API URL that consists of query parameters. In this case, the entire admin URL must be entered in the integration.

If this is not enough for you, you will find all changes of this and earlier versions in our Changelog.

We hope you like the new version as much as we do. As always, you may leave praise and criticism in our forum.