v3.86: Taxes, improved text display and faster statistics

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May 29 was “Paperclip Day”. Now if it had been April 1st , I would have written that we introduce Clippy (also called Karl Klammer in German), but I was not allowed the joke. Clippy was introduced at that time with the intention of making the software more accessible to Office users. In principle, we pursue a similar goal, which is why we create a new version every month. However, we partly go different ways than Clippy … and that’s probably a good thing.

ChurchTools Finance

Taxes are a hot topic for many churches right now. While many churches were recently exempt from sales tax, it is now necessary to check whether this is still the case. Therefore, many are dealing with the issue and ChurchTools Finance should not stand in the way. When entering transactions, the tax can now be entered automatically.

In this process, a tax rate can be assigned to an account and ChurchTools knows which tax account to post to. A tax transaction is therefore always linked to another transaction and cannot be created or modified manually.

We are continuously working to improve the design of ChurchTools and make it more contemporary. Modules like Wiki, Sync and Check-in show where the journey is going. Version 3.86 updates the finance module. Here the colors have been adapted to the new design.

Most donation receipts should have been issued by now. Nevertheless, we are continuing to work here as well. On donation receipts, the cent fraction (e.g. 11/100), in the written out number, is now only displayed if the cent amount is not zero. So no more 0/100 on receipts.

And last but not least a little hint: If you use a different limit for the accounting journal, you will be happy to know that this setting is now saved and will still be preset the next time you visit the program.

Improved text display

As mentioned in various places, we are working on revising the groups functionality. However, that doesn’t mean we aren’t making small improvements to Persons & Groups right now. For example, numeric values in the groups and people list with leading 0 are now treated as text.

Faster reports

With the Reports module, regular statistics can be generated automatically and sent by e-mail. For example, you can keep an eye on the statistical distribution of staff or group participants. This generation of daily/monthly statistics has been accelerated.


Finally, two small messages about the REST API:

The API to answer meeting requests has been added:

PUT /calendars/{calendarId}/appointments/{appointmentId}/meetingRequests/{meetingRequestId}

And an API endpoint to get details about a calendar entry (resources, meeting requests, event, registration group) has been added:

GET /calendars/{calendarId}/appointments/{appointmentId}/{startDate}

Further changes

If this is not enough for you, you will find all changes of this and earlier versions in our Changelog.

We hope you like the new version as much as we do. As always, you may leave praise and criticism in our forum.