App v0.33: Finder in the ChurchTools App

Translations: Deutsch (Deutschland)

In mid-May, the time had finally come: we released the ChurchTools Finder. Many people followed our webcast and celebrated the official release with us. With the app version 0.33, the Finder also makes its way into the app.


The Finder is a ChurchTools tool for finding churches and parishes. A feedback that we often received was that users try to log in to wrong ChurchTools installations. The Finder should help to find exactly one’ s church and the login to ChurchTools.

If you are not yet logged in to the app, you will find a search field or you can use your own geolocation and let ChurchTools Finder display all the churches in the vicinity. This way you can find the right login in no time.

But even if you are already logged in, you can call up the Finder via the Discover tab. This allows you to discover other churches in the vicinity in order to make contacts.

If this is not enough for you, you will find all changes of this and earlier versions in our Changelog.

We hope you like the new version as much as we do. As always, you may leave praise and criticism in our forum.