License change: Get more out of Sync!

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We have made a license change that affects ChurchTools Sync. From now on, connections rather than jobs are related to the license.

Achieve even more with Sync: From now on, only Sync connections will be licensed.

The development of Sync continues. So soon you will be able to sync financial transactions from Optigem as well as people. Due to the new possibilities that arise when you can synchronize both people and transactions from Optigem to ChurchTools, we have decided to make this license change. Thus, you can connect an Optigem or a ChurchTools system and create unlimited number of jobs to set the sync behavior as it suits your needs.

Unlimited jobs per connection means you can get the most out of ChurchTools Sync. With more sync options we’re already fiddling with, the possibilities are only going to get bigger! The following graphic illustrates again how the changes per package look in detail:

While the cost to you remains the same, the number of jobs changes to unlimited and the number of connections increases by the number of jobs that were previously available to you.