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As already blogged in August, I would like to introduce the latter part of our translation team to you today.

Just recently a new version of ChurchTools was released. And besides our dear developers, the following people were also significantly involved. Dedicated ChurchTools users who make it possible for their own church, and thus the entire ChurchTools community, to use ChurchTools in native language.


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My name is Daniel and I lead an Apostolic Church in Shrewsbury, England.
We have been using ChurchTools for a little over a year and have found it to be very useful; handling and storing all of our data and keeping us inline with the GDPR legal requirements.

As a smaller church we have found that some databases are too large and complicated for what we’re needing locally; ChurchTools have been happy and able to support us in the way which suited and as such I am delighted to be able to assist the developers in any way that I can.


My name is Arvaldo Stepanow Junior, I was born in Brazil and I recently turned 30 years old. In 2014 I got married to the girl I was dating since I was 16 years old and and in September my wife and I were given a sweet daughter that makes our days even more exciting!
I am the marketing and international sales team leader at ChurchTools and I love working here.

In my free time, I enjoy a lot watching football (especially my favorite teams: Corinthians, Liverpool and Brazil national team) and many other sports. I also play electric and acoustic guitars and I love to do music with a band and serve in the music team of Alive Church which is the church I attend in Germany. These are my main hobbies but also enjoy good conversation with friends, traveling to other countries, watching TV series/movies, making BBQ and sunny and warm days… even better if I can fit many of these things in one sunny day.

I am happy to translate ChurchTools into Portuguese because I know for a fact that this software really helps pastors, church leaders and all people involved in the daily church work to reduce administrative work, communication problems and conflicts, and increase organization. Many Portuguese speaking churches are experiencing it already and I am very happy to assist them and to keep improving the translation and translating new parts of the software.


My name is Andrey Polishchuk and together with my friend, Alexander Varenitsa, we support ChurchTools by translating it into Russian.

We are part of the Victory Church (Nikolaev, Ukraine), where I have God’s mercy to be a pastor.

I, as a minister of the church, have long been looking for a tool for better organization inside the church. ChurchTools was a great solution for our needs. We have become better at planning all events and interacting more effectively with the whole community of the church.

We are pleased that we can not only use this service, but also make our small contribution to God’s kingdom with our translation.


Many ChurchTools users appreciate being able to use ChurchTools in their native language. Thank you very much indeed for your tireless work! It’s a blessing for us to have you on board!