v3.99: Group actions, number of participants, resource print view improved

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Have you noticed it already? Summer is just around the corner and with it the anticipation of sunny days, balmy nights and lots of outdoor fun. The days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising, and it’s finally time to swap the thick winter jackets for airy clothes. But before we fully indulge in the summer flair, let’s take a quick look at the latest update from ChurchTools. Let’s dive into this blog post together and get excited about the summer adventures to come!

Groups: Further actions revised

The “Further Actions” for Groups have been revised, especially the permissions. Also, group actions are more consistent with the “Further Actions” for Persons..

Groups: Roles are translated

Most church congregations are monolingual. However, bi- or multilingual churches also use ChurchTools. A big advantage for these churches is the translation module, which runs in the background. For example, group roles can also be translated. The translation key can then be entered as a group type role title, and each user will be shown the role in the selected language.

From now on, translated roles are displayed in the group chat dialog box. This means that it is now even easier for you to see which role is being configured because the translation matches your selected language.

Groups: Make role count towards maximum number of participants

Within each group, the group type roles can be configured. There you can set, for example, that certain roles cannot be used in this group.

With version 3.99 it is also possible to set whether a role should be counted for the maximum number of seats in a group. This is important for registration groups, that leaders, co-leaders or organizers are not counted and occupy a seat.

Print view for resource bookings improved

Let’s be honest: Having all data digitally in one place is great, but there are simply situations where a printed sheet of paper is necessary. This is exactly why ChurchTools offers print views in many places.

The print view for resource bookings has been adjusted with v3.99 so that the titles of the bookings are written out in full. We realize that scrolling on paper doesn’t work as well as we thought 😉 .

Finance: Improvements in accounts import

The stability of account import validation via CSV has been improved. By removing spaces during validation, we have made the import process run smoother and more reliably. This update allows users to import their accounts with greater security and accuracy.

Birthday list: Entries are translated

Within the birthday list settings, the entries are now also translated.


Something has also changed in the REST API. The endpoint PUT /api/persons/{personId}/servicerequests/{eventServiceId} has been modified so that people can now also be requested for services. This change is also noticeable in the app.

Second, there is a new GET endpoint: /api/calendars/{calendarId}/appointments/{appointmentId}. This call calculates all appointments for a serial appointment and returns them as a list.

If this is not enough for you, you will find all changes of this and earlier versions in our Changelog.

We hope you like the new version as much as we do. As always, you may leave praise and criticism in our forum.