v3.94: duplicates of persons, revenues and reversal

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The first big to-do this year is already checked off for us: On 17.01.2023 we held our livestream, in which we looked back on 2022 and dared to look forward to 2023. Many people were there live, which made us very happy! It’s unfortunately only available in German, but it might be worth a look anyway: YouTube Now comes our second big to-do for January: Version 3.94!

Find and merge duplicates

You can store and manage members, friends, contacts and more in the module Persons & Groups. It becomes annoying when people are created twice and the assignment is not clear at first glance. Unfortunately, such duplicates cannot be avoided 100%.

With version 3.94, however, we are releasing a function in the Persons module that makes it easier to find duplicates and merge them much faster. You select the original, i.e. the person who should remain and can individually take over individual data from the duplicate(s) if you want to.

ChurchTools takes care of this in the background, fully automatically, so that attachments, group memberships, donation receipts and much more are attributed to the original: thus no information is lost.

Finance: Revenues and reversals

The new ChurchTools version also brings new features in the Finance module: The new ” Revenues” report shows you monthly or quarterly revenues for the accounts.

In the transaction journal there is now the possibility to cancel transactions. In doing so, a cancellation transaction is automatically entered and linked to the original transaction. Typing errors during cancellations are thus no longer possible: because even if the original transaction changes, this is taken into account in the cancellation entry and the amount is automatically adjusted.

Last but not least, in the future in the accounting journal the revenues and expenditures will be highlighted with green or red color. Revenues and expenditures are those entries where account or contra account are marked as cash account.

Public Relations/Website

ChurchTools Website is being used successfully by more and more churches. One annoying thing was that you had to manage two different logins: One for ChurchTools and a second one for your website. Version 3.94 changes this situation.

As of now, you no longer need a separate login. If you try to log in to the website, you will be prompted to log in with your ChurchTools login. You will be redirected to your own ChurchTools installation and will need to log in there. If you are already logged in to ChurchTools, it is even easier: one click and you are immediately in the backend of the website.

Accordingly, the user management for ChurchTools website has also moved to Public Relations. So you can now enter directly in ChurchTools which users are allowed to log in to the website with which permissions.

If this is not enough for you, you will find all changes of this and earlier versions in our Changelog.

We hope you like the new version as much as we do. As always, you may leave praise and criticism in our forum.