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ChurchTools Website – Say goodbye to outdated websites, high costs and complicated processes.

Do you know the English expression “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? Basically, it means that you shouldn’t judge something until you know it. But let’s face it, we don’t have the time to read all the books to find out which ones are good. And the same problem exists with churches.

When an interested person is looking for a church, the Internet is consulted and typed into the next best search engine. The website of the church is the figurehead in the 21st century. If the website is not appealing or I can’t find important information, then the chances of me visiting that church in person are slim. A poor website says nothing at all about their quality as a congregation or about the local people, but unfortunately many will never find out if the congregation is not visited.

A good, engaging website is an important way to connect with people these days!

But what can be done if the know-how is lacking here? After all, a website is complicated to set up, and then it still has to be technically maintained and kept up to date. Backups have to be made and security measures have to be taken. Oh, and please don’t forget to keep the contact persons on the website up to date!

We have a solution for exactly this and it’s called: ChurchTools Website!

Your own website in just a few clicks

With ChurchTools Website you don’t need to have a computer science degree. With a few clicks you can create your own website and start editing information immediately.

The website automatically connects to your own ChurchTools installation. This allows information such as dates, but also groups and people (contact persons) to be brought directly to the website. As soon as something changes in ChurchTools, the website is up-to-date! No one has to remember to inform the website team anymore, and outdated data is minimized.

A good, engaging website is an important way to connect with people these days!

A good website consists of up-to-date information that is easy to find. With ChurchTools website, new pages, posts or media content are created and published with a few clicks. Different post types make it easy to present the right information in the right way and building the site is a breeze thanks to flexible elements.

A second aspect of a good website in our eyes is: an appealing design. ChurchTools website comes with ready-made themes. No matter if it is a national church or a free church, we want every church community to have a good-looking website. That’s why we design each theme by hand and customize it according to the target audience. This way we can make sure that all content types always look good, no matter where the text is now inserted or the video is placed. So no design knowledge is required to get a beautiful website.

Let’s go!

ChurchTools website is available now! The test phase can be started directly in ChurchTools in the Public Relations section and your own website will be created for you immediately.