“ChurchTools has raised the bar of volunteers team management at our church”, the story of a Church of the Nazarene in Brazil.

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Hello everyone. We had a chat with Mateus, he is a worship team leader of a church that uses ChurchTools in Brazil. We invited Mateus to share a little bit of the experience of using ChurchTools in his church and you can read the interview below.


Arvaldo: Hi Mateus, I appreciate the opportunity to share openly with our readers about how some areas and processes in your church have changed since using ChurchTools. First, I would like to ask you to tell us a little bit more about yourself, your church and your activities.

Mateus: Hello everyone, it’s great to be able to share how our experience has been and hopefully help other churches to improve their work too.
My name is Mateus Vieira, I am married since 2018 and during business hours I work in the financial department of a big multinational company. Outside business hours I dedicate many of my hours to my church. I am the worship team leader at the Church of the Nazarene (Swiss Park) located in Campinas, SP – Brazil. Today our church has about 400 members and we are part of the denomination Church of the Nazarene which is very strong in our region and to date there are more than 2.5 million church members, worshipping in more than 30,700 local congregations in 159 world areas according to our last denomination statistics from 2018.
Some of my main activities are, besides personal management, preparing the rota sheets where all our volunteers and staff are scheduled so they know when in which services and church activities they are working, I also prepare the set-lists and communicate with the teams.

Arvaldo: What were the challenges or problems that made you start looking for solutions?

Mateus: Well, we used to prepare the volunteer scheduling lists in an Excel file, then save it in PDF format and finally send it through Whatsapp to the various groups where the different worship bands and volunteers were included. The number of people missing important information was very time consuming and frustrating for the leadership team. This led to many communication problems and these problems were always found close to the services or events which was very stressing because then the focus of the leadership had to switch to finding a specific solution before focusing again in the final preparations for a service. These were the main challenges that made us look for something.
Until late 2018 all of our churches calendars were in ChurchTools, but it was mainly used by the secretaries of our church and it worked great for them, but Calendars and People and Groups were the only modules of ChurchTools used until then. When we started going deeper into the software we started to realize the extensive benefits of ChurchTools.

Arvaldo: And how does it look now? What’s been the results of ChurchTools further?

Mateus: Today the communication in our team is much easier and precise because our teams’ schedules and services’ set-lists are all in ChurchTools.
The app was a huge game changer for us because now volunteers can receive service invitations and accept or decline them directly thought the app in their smartphones. Without doubt it has made our life much better!
At this moment we are unfolding the scheduling system to other departments and areas of our church and soon we will have it deployed it all our departments and areas.
ChurchTools has raised the bar of volunteers team management in the Swiss Park Church of the Nazarene and we are happy with it.

Arvaldo: Wow, that’s a nice statement. I am happy to hear that. I want to thank you for sharing your church’s experience using ChurchTools, a big thanks from all of us in ChurchTools.

Mateus: My pleasure! I believe other churches face the exact same challenges and I hope they can be inspired by our experience and start using ChurchTools too. Thanks guys.

Arvaldo: Thanks Mateus, take care and talk soon.

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