App v0.54: Edit posts

Translations: Deutsch (Deutschland)

The posts are well received and more and more churches are using this great feature to inform their members, employees and visitors. Within the first month, we counted ~3000 posts. 🎉

Edit posts

A typo in a post can sometimes happen. Fortunately, with the latest version, you can edit your posts and correct annoying errors. Your administrators can configure on the web whether this is possible permanently or only for the first 10 minutes after creating the post.

You can have your own posts listed both on the web and in the app and if you change the visibility of a group, you will now be informed of how many posts will be downgraded in their visibility as a result so that no information in the group is made more visible to more people than intended.

Group chat: Tap on people

In group chats, the names of people can now be tapped. This allows you to quickly open a person’s profile to find their phone number, for example.

Increasing Android and iOS minimum versions

A short announcement: With the next app version at the beginning of May, we will be raising the required operating system version. Android devices will then need at least Android 8.0 and iOS devices at least iOS 15.0. This change will help us to improve the security and stability of the app and provide you with new, helpful features even faster in the future.

If this is not enough for you, you will find all changes of this and earlier versions in our Changelog.

We hope you like the new version as much as we do. As always, you may leave praise and criticism in our forum.