ChurchTools Version 3.59

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Dear Church… Um I mean: Dear ChurchTools users: Version 3.59 is out and you already know the game. Today I would like to present you some improvements and new features. For this version we have fixed more bugs (errors) and added less new features.

Preview of public groups

With version 3.58 I was able to introduce the new preview component. You will see it more often now, because we plan to reuse it in different places. Its next use will be in the public groups.

A public group can be shared in ChurchTools. Here we have included the preview, so you can better see what you are sharing. In the sidebar you can also find the code to embed.

Group homepage

Since March there was no release without an update of the group homepage. Of course I would like to continue this tradition in version 3.59. Two things have been adjusted:

Many churches currently work with participant restrictions and use the maximum number of participants. When this limit is reached, the registration will be closed automatically. But what if there is still a place available, but I am trying to register my whole family?

Here we have corrected that the registration can no longer be completed. In addition, the number of participants is calculated correctly. Here, also archived persons have falsely entered into the calculation.

Reset of calendar selection

There was an annoying bug that displayed calendars even though it was not selected in the sidebar. In addition, the personal settings, which calendars should be displayed, were not always considered and saved correctly.

We have reset the personal selection for all users once. This means that the next time you log in, all calendars that you are allowed to see will be activated and visible again. We have not deleted any calendars or appointments, only the selection of the selected calendars was deleted. But you can restore them with a few clicks. This should fix the problem.

Further changes

If this is not enough for you, you will find all changes of this and earlier versions in our Changelog.

We hope you like the new version as much as we do. As always, you may leave praise and criticize in our forum.