v3.84: Church short name, Cost center Import, Sticky Tables and Meeting Requests

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“April weather rain and sunshine both together.” ⛈ For a few days we had beautiful spring weather, then there was Sahara dust which then turned into snow and rain. You have to love this weather diversity in April. Our Changelog is as diverse as the weather this time. We have global changes to show something in the module Persons & Groups, as well as in Calendar and Finance. And for all the nerds: there are finally API endpoints for appointments and resources.🤘🏻

Abbreviated name of the church (short name)

The new public area in ChurchTools offers space for a lot of information about your own church. Another new feature is the field “Abbreviated name of the church”.

Here you can specify a short name that ChurchTools will now use in the menu bar as well as in some e-mails to make the subject clearer.

Sticky: Person & Group Tables

I like to work with large screens so that there is a lot of content to see and you don’t have to scroll all the time. But at some point, even this space is not enough to display all the people or groups.

Version 3.84 introduces sticky headers for the person list and group list. This makes the table header and footer always visible.

Import & Export of Cost Centers

In v3.84 we have extended ChurchTools Finance. It is now possible to export the cost centers of an accounting year as a CSV file or Excel file.

The corresponding import (via CSV file) is also already included. This allows cost centers or projects from other software products to be inserted into ChurchTools more quickly.

Sorting meeting requests

The view of meeting requests was already updated a few versions ago. In the current version, the sorting of people has now been improved so that the requested people are listed first and then others in alphabetical order (by last name).

API Endpoints for Calendar & Resources and more

The REST API in ChurchTools has also been extended in version 3.84. Now the long awaited endpoints for calendar appointments and resource bookings are available. You can read more about the API in general in the help pages. For a quick overview, here are all the new endpoints:

  • GET /api/calendars returns all calendars that can be seen
  • GET /api/calendars/appointments returns calendar entries
  • GET /api/resource/masterdata returns the resource master data
  • GET /api/bookings returns the bookings from the Resources module
  • GET /api/events und GET /api/events/:id now also contains the attachments of the event.
  • GET /api/finance/costcenters/export – exports cost centers as CSV or Excel file
  • POST /api/finance/costcenters/bulkcreate – imports cost centers

Further changes

If this is not enough for you, you will find all changes of this and earlier versions in our Changelog.

We hope you like the new version as much as we do. As always, you may leave praise and criticism in our forum.