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Veni, vidi, wiki – I came, I saw, I use the wiki. This is how the famous saying attributed to Julius Caesar went, or something like it. I wonder if he was referring to our new wiki back then? 🤔 I don’t think so, but it doesn’t matter. More importantly, the new wiki is here! 🎉 In addition, we have made some more changes and features to groups, group registration and group homepage.

Wiki – More than just a facelift

The new wiki comes with a new layout and some new features.

Version 3.76 gives the wiki a whole new look. We have adapted the module to our new style guide and so old functions are shown to better advantage and new features have made their way in.

The biggest change is probably the introduction of Markdown. Markdown is a simple markup language that can be used to format text with characters. Many programs already offer this (even ChurchTools already uses Markdown in other places).

An outline of the wiki page provides the perfect overview.

To make the transition easy, ChurchTools displays a few notes about Markdown in the right column of new pages. But also a conversion of the already created pages (HTML pages) is done quickly. ChurchTools helps you to quickly convert the pages into the new format. But don’t panic, the old HTML pages are still readable and writable.

Another new feature is the possibility to list all wiki pages of a category. Even if the page is not linked anywhere, you will find it again in any case.


  • Markdown Editor
  • Convert HTML pages to Markdown (and vice versa)
  • List all pages
  • There is now also a cross-category search
  • Better user experience with improved UI
  • Improved usability on mobile devices
  • Images can be copied and pasted into the new Markdown editor
  • Master data no longer exists in the wiki, the wiki categories have moved directly to the sidebar


In the group participant list, persons with an end date are now marked by means of an icon.

Participants in a group can be given an end date. This means that on this day the person is automatically removed from the group. This can be practical, for example, if it is already known when the person will end his/her service.

A new feature is that an icon is now displayed if an end date has been entered. If you hover the mouse over the icon, the date is also displayed.

Grouphomepage URL with Filter

Filters are now set directly in the URL of the group homepage.

The group home page can be a useful tool, but what if I want to display all groups one time, but then only the groups on Monday? For this purpose, one can use filters that the user sets him/herself.

From now on it is also possible to set the filters directly by making the URL unique. For example, you can share a link to the group homepage, which has already set the filter for only men’s groups.

Limit waiting list

If you do not want the waiting list to become too long, simply enter the allowed number of waiting participants in the settings.

We have just introduced the waiting list feature and already there is an update to it. With version 3.76, the waiting list can now also be provided with a maximum number of participants.

Because if it is already known that 50 people never drop out before a service so that 50 people can move up, why should the waiting list for this be allowed to become so long? This can now also be set.

Hide contact leader

Under Adjust Public Group it is now possible to make display settings.

Each public group can not only be viewed via the menu item Adjust public group, but there is now also display settings there. For example, you can hide “Contact leader”.

This option can now be set. With this, there should be no more confusion about whether you can log in to a group using this option.

The same applies to the “Log in to ChurchTools” button.

Further changes

If this is not enough for you, you will find all changes of this and earlier versions in our Changelog.

We hope you like the new version as much as we do. As always, you may leave praise and criticize in our forum.

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