v3.106: Posts and calendar views

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At the end of January, we streamed our review of the year and preview of 2024 on YouTube and talked about contributions. Now the time has come! 🎉 Our developers have been busy and are not only bringing the posts to the app, but also to the web. But we can also look forward to changes to the calendar.


It was only a few days ago that we shared our preview of 2024 with you. There we announced that posts would be coming to the app this year. But wait a minute – this is the blog post for the changes on ChurchTools Web, right? That’s right. Our developers have been so busy that we can also offer the posts module on the web. Much earlier than expected!

The new Posts module in ChurchTools is here (for all admins), which you can use to let your congregation participate in church life and promote community. For example, you can share announcements and allow people in your congregation to interact with the post and with each other.

Create new posts in groups. However, you can also deactivate posts for all groups of a certain group type or for individual groups.

Posts offer your church completely new possibilities in ChurchTools, which may also require new groups. Get inspired and create new groups to fully utilize the potential of posts for your church: Announcements, Recommendations, Search/Offer, Prayer Requests, …

Phase 1: Configure Posts

With version 3.106, the new Posts’ module will only be available to those with the admin right “Manage permissions (administer persons)”, i.e. the administrators. You can already make settings now and prepare the module for your community.

Phase 2: Posts for all – March 4, 2024

From March 4, 2024, Posts will be available for all people in your ChurchTool instance. Both in the app and on the web.

Quick search with more information

The quick search is the fastest way to find a group in ChurchTools. Sometimes you don’t immediately know which group is the right one. This happens, for example, when several campuses are used. The group type, location and category of groups are now displayed in the search results. This makes your search easier.

New calendar views

The calendar has been fundamentally revised. Much of it behaves in exactly the same way as before, but the update brings a few additional views. In addition to the daily, weekly and monthly views, you now also have a quarterly view as a list and a yearly view. You can also display the daily or weekly view simplified. This means that the appointments are no longer positioned according to the time, but are displayed as a list per day, as in the monthly view. This is helpful if you have appointments that are far apart on the same day.

At the same time, the links “Embed calendar” and “Subscribe to public calendar” have been moved from the bottom of the screen to the 3-dot menu.

Edit agendas in the browser

Quickly add a change to the agenda on Sunday morning? Swap the order of the songs? This is now possible in the smartphone/tablet browser! You can now move positions in the schedule via the menu.

Edit agendas simultaneously

Collaborative work on agendas has also been improved. Changes made by another person in a different browser tab now trigger an update of the agenda, and the list is up-to-date again.

Further changes

If this is not enough for you, you will find all changes of this and earlier versions in our Changelog.

We hope you like the new version as much as we do. As always, you may leave praise and criticism in our forum.