App Version 0.3

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A new version of the ChurchTools App has been released in the App and Play Stores. Surely you have already installed the new update or it has been installed automatically. In the following, I would like to show you some of the changes.

Relationships and tags in profiles

Screenshot of a profile in the app with relationships and tags.

By using the person search I can find any person from my person list. This is very practical to quickly look up the phone number or address. But even I can’t remember all the names and often you simply stand there and ask yourself: “What’s John’s wife’s name again?” or a member of the kids’ church wants to reach the mother quickly, but is already happy if she can remember the children’s names.

Now there is a solution for that because the profile also shows the relationships in the app. A tap (click) on the name opens the profile of the person.

In addition, we also brought the tags on board. If tags are assigned to a person, they are now also visible in the profile.

Futher changes

The profile has been our focus in this version, but we have also done some work in other areas, which I would like to summarize shortly.

On the one hand, we have optimized the app for smaller screens. Here there were often errors in the surface, for example, buttons were cut off or displayed incorrectly. On the other hand, the login via the QR-code or login link in the browser works now, even if the app is closed.

Anyone who takes a look at the settings will notice a small change there as well. Here you can find a link to your own profile.

The new version moves us another small step forward and we hope that you will become a bit more productive with the new app. We also always welcome feedback, both positive and critical. You are welcome to give us your opinion in the Forum.