App v0.47: Create and edit appointments

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September has arrived and autumn is on its way. Unfortunately, this also means that summer and the summer vacations are over and also at ChurchTools the regular working day slowly returns. The new app release brings with it a long-awaited and important feature. We are very happy that we can finally present it to you.

Create and edit appointments

Version 0.47 brings the functions to create and edit appointments and appointment series. You can now quickly enter appointments on the go, add missing data or delete appointments altogether. And to avoid having to enter important information, you can also set up events, resources, meeting requests and registration groups directly in the app. We are very happy to finally have this feature in the app and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Download Files

Now you can download files. Whether documents, photos or videos – you have control. Your feedback has made this possible. Use this feature to optimize your work and improve your experience.

Service selection considers group

When selecting for a service, the filtered group is taken into account. This way, the right people are found more quickly and the duty assignment is faster.

Faster Group View

The group view in our app has been optimized and now loads faster than ever! Performance is an important issue for us, so we regularly look to make the app faster and more responsive.

Create People and Groups Faster

You can now create new groups or persons via a button on the start page. The small blue plus symbol on the start page takes you directly to the form where you enter the necessary data.

Further Improvements

Version 0.46.1

  • Group meeting templates work again.
  • Editing a group works again.
  • Files up to 10 MB can now be shared via chat.

Version 0.47.0

  • Everyone can now change their own profile picture.
  • The duty roster now takes into account the correct permissions.
  • The event list, birthday list and group meeting list no longer jump when opened.
  • In fields for entering a password, the password can be shown and hidden again.
  • People can now edit their own groupmemberfields if they have the right “edit own groupmemberfields” (+edit own groupmemberfields).
  • The status and visibility of a group can be edited again.
  • If a user has not set an age group, the group suggestions are filtered correctly again.
  • The check-in has been made clearer.
  • If there is no appointment or group picture for appointments or groups, there is now a more logical and space-saving display.
  • Copying values from the person view now works again.
  • The schedule now shows measure and arrangement instead of author.
  • Chat replies now only quote the first 3 lines.
  • The app automatically populates the last ChurchTools installation name and the last username in the login process.
  • There is now a hint if a song does not exist or you do not have permissions to see that song.
  • When starting an event or group chat, the number of people without a stored email address is displayed correctly again.
  • The name of a person or group is no longer truncated in the chat if you have set the font size of your device to large.
  • Errors during person editing are now better displayed.
  • Calendar localization has been improved.
  • Event admins are now displayed.
  • Links without https:// or http:// can now also be opened from appointments.
  • The display of the Discover tiles has been slightly adjusted.
  • Metadata of a group (group category, group type, location) is now displayed more compactly.
  • The icon color for the status banner for group meetings is correct again.
  • Church services are now sorted correctly in ChurchTools Finder entries.
  • The date is no longer cut off in the event list at larger font sizes.
  • When creating a person, the first name is now automatically selected.
  • The location of an event is now displayed correctly again if no postal code has been defined.
  • The “People” button is now only displayed for groups if there are also people in the group.
  • The group visibility is now translated correctly again when editing a group.
  • If an appointment for an event no longer exists, an error is no longer displayed.
  • In the profile view of people, the groups the person is in are now displayed correctly again.
  • Starting an event chat now works again without displaying an error.
  • Various minor bug fixes that caused the app to crash.

If this is not enough for you, you will find all changes of this and earlier versions in our Changelog.

We hope you like the new version as much as we do. As always, you may leave praise and criticism in our forum.