Our support team helps! Now also on weekends

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Our support team helps anyone and everyone when a question about ChurchTools comes up. We do this with passion. Until now, we have not officially offered weekend support. As of now, we are changing that and extending our service to Saturday mornings.

Photo of a life ring hanging on a white wall.
Photo by Matthew Waring on Unsplash

So far, our support team have kept an eye on the emails on the weekend and helped out in an emergency when nothing worked at all. Many of our customers work on a voluntary basis – and mainly on weekends – and all of them naturally depend on ChurchTools, especially on weekends, to prepare everything for their service (or services) on Sunday.

To take this into account, in the future we will officially also be available to you, our customers, by e-mail on Saturdays from 10:00 to 11:30. So if something is not running, especially if it concerns the next service, you can also contact us during this time and the weekend service will throw out the lifebelt, so that hopefully your service can be celebrated without disruption.